Your guide to the hottest runway Hair colours and Trends this 2020

Your guide to the hottest runway Hair colours and Trends this 2020

The latest hairstyles for women this season is very bridal, with pearls, plaits and power. Expect to see slicked-back hair tied with a ribbon, hair beaded in pearls, easy volume, strips of fabrics interlaced between the hair, and wet hair. 

Also, explore playing with arts and crafts in your hair by inserting flower stems through your locks. This season’s wedding hairstyles incorporate a bit of the Dulhan hairstyle of Indian weddings. Girls with short or long hair can pull off these traditional Indian wedding inspired looks. Since we’re approaching the midsummer season, bridal buns with curly hair are also trending. 

For a little more boldness, try subtly chalked hair in your favourite colour. Tie your hair up with ribbons, sashes, and hair jewellery.

Look 1: The Bridal Pearl

Perfect for your upcoming wedding, pearls used as hair beads is genius. Bead just a few or adorn your hairdo with pearls or beads of any colour to enhance your outfit. To get the look, shampoo and condition your hair. Apply curl cream for added texture. Insert pearls of your colour choice and Dutch braid your hair in a single or double plait. Finish with a mini black rubber band and hair clips for added tautness. To maintain your braid, apply dry shampoo to combat an oily scalp.

Look 2: Garden Play

Spring is about florals (duh) but getting creative with it is thinking outside the box. Play with faux flowers inserted between your locks and finish the look with adding other unique gems and jewelry. To get the look, braid your hair, teasing through the roots down to the locks of your hair. Insert accessories wherever you want, keeping the faux floral stem in focus.

Look 3: Forest Witch

This look is versatile for women who don’t want to commit to bold haircolours. Try chalk to paint on colour for an added pop to your next party. To get the look, gather your hair towards the middle of your head, seperating each section into three. Make a ponytail, looping just halfway through to create an easy bun. Colour the parts of your roots that is visible with the hair chalk colour of your choice.

Look 4: Arts & Crafts

Try cutting up strips of iridescent film to your hair to add an element of creativity, which is what this season is all about! Be sure to plait your hair first to add that girlie vibe.

Look 5: Born in diamonds

Another unique look this season is hair diamonds. Using a very little dab of eyelash glue, attach loose stones to sleeked-back hair. To get the look, shampoo and condition, curl the ends of your hair to get the summer look, secure one side of your hair behind your ears with a hair clip using the boar bristled brush. Using a small dab of eyelash glue, apply each crystal to the smoothened parts of your hair above your ear.

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