Beauty | March 08, 2019

Your best hair ever

Don’t worry about chopping off your locks to cut off the damage. Now you can repair your hair with the latest gadgets and ingredients. Even colourists agree natural hair colouring techniques are best for the health of your hair.


Because healthy hair is important. It all starts with the towel you use to dry your hair, all the way to your pillow covers.

The result?

Super shiny luxurious hair we all envy.

For super shiny hair, try a hydrating hair bath, an Allure Magazine winner. Combine the hair wash and conditioner with a Dyson hair dryer for renewed manageability and repair.

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Wet hair is most prone to damage, especially when it’s combed through. Get a detangler to minimize damage.

Tangle Teezer Compact Hairbrush Black & Pink has a compact case that protects the bristles and is suitable for all hair types, promoting a detangling without pain.

For us girls with super curly hair, we recommend using an all natural oil to keep your locks and skin looking clean, and refreshed.

For days you can’t wash your hair, try the best dry shampoo on the market

For extra volume and heath, try:

With a mix-and-match of these award winning products for your hair, you will see a noticeable difference in hair texture and overall quality. When it comes to the health of your hair, maintenance is important. Now we can care for your hair straight from wash to style. We can’t wait for what’s next in the world of tech-hair!

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