Fashion | May 14, 2018

Womens lives made easier

This case protects not only your phone but you too. It is a contact defensive weapon which means it must come in contact with the attacker to actually inflict a painful electrical shock on the attacker.

This band prevents breasts of all sizes from excessive vertical and lateral movement during exercise or any physical activity. By doing this it helps maintain the elasticity of the breasts during these activities.

Smart Rope tracks your jump count, minutes and calories burned during interval training. It even gives recommendations for the training. This smart device can be synced with a mobile phone or smart watch via Bluetooth to monitor progress and compete with friends.

Weird as it looks, this facial fitness muscle trainer is super useful in keeping your skin looking younger and toning the facial muscles. Holding the device in your mouth, nod your head for 30 seconds. Repeat twice a day to get rid of smile lines and wrinkles. I’m sure we can spend a minute for this!

This Smart Bra tracks a woman’s posture, breathing and heart rate variability while doing its primary duty of supporting the breasts. On detecting anything unusual, stress indicators emit gentle vibrations to remind the woman to take a deep breath and relax. All the data throughout the day is monitored via the Vitali app that’s available for both iOS and Android.

Wrap yourself with fuzzy love even if you cannot have a pet. This therapeutic robot wags its tail gently when stroked and when rubbed, it swings playfully. Even though it’s essentially a cushion with a tail, it warms the heart the way animals do.

This device helps you measure the calories in your food accurately. It also gives 3 major nutrients in the meals. Originally developed for diabetic patients, it can be used by dieters too. CaloRieco uses near infrared rays to precisely measure the amount of calories in the food.

Rummaging for keys in your purse during the night can be quite a task. Rest assured, the SOI automatic purse light has you covered. Its sensors utilize energy fields from an approaching hand to activate the light and after ten seconds it switches off automatically.

Iband+ is a band designed to monitor sleep, induce good dreams and provide natural rest. As a result, it keeps your brain and body healthy and wakes you up at the right time, making you feel refreshed. If you have trouble sleeping, this band is perfect for you.

Feel like quitting training because you can’t see the results? Don’t quit just yet. Shapescale has a solution for your concerns. The 3D body scanner scans the body and points out minor differences before and after training that you couldn’t monitor before. So set those fitness goals and visualize them with the app’s photorealistic 3D models of your present and past shape.

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