Cafe | April 25, 2019

Why is healthy eating better than dieting

Just as travelling satisfies your soul, food nourishes your body. According to experts, when you diet, you restrict food from entering your body way too much. And during cheat days, the opposite happens - you end up binge eating, which is extremely harmful to your body. According to nutritionist Jessica Sepel, "You can eat all the salads in the world, but if you’re obsessively monitoring your food intake — if you’re stressed and anxious — your body isn’t going to function optimally."

The thing about not eating is this - your body eventually gets used to it, but when you eat a lot, even if it is just for a day, it backfires. Your body is used to one form of digestion and metabolism and it cannot take sudden changes as such. Having healthy treats doesn't mean eating biriyanis all the time. Instead, have the right proteins and greens at the right time.

Living a healthy life is about treating our bodies with kindness. It nourishes the body and is an act of self-love. Meals in a day should contain protein, fibre, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Three main meals a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner are important, with two smaller snacks in between. It helps reduce overeating and your body works in moderation. According to experts, while eating, one should be relaxed and not stressed. This helps the body digest the food immediately.

Nutritionist Heidi Schauster, a registered dietitian at Health at Every Size (HAES) explains that weight-loss in dieting is limited. She adds, "Weight-loss dieting is restrictive and outcome-based. Intuitive, mindful and truly healthful eating is making choices about food because they nourish the mind, body and spirit.” Sometimes, eating healthfully and intuitively is like eating the warm brownie because it tastes so good freshly made when you are sharing it with friends. Eating healthfully is choosing not to eat it because you are full and you have no interest in it right now. There are options. With a diet mentality, certain foods or ways of eating are out or in; there is no middle ground. However, with healthy, intuitive, mindful eating, it’s all about the middle ground.