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Top 5 leggings brands available in India

Girls Leggings

A man in leggings looks like a fool considering today’s trendscape. However, it was the coolest style for men back in the 1940s. Women of this era owe their deepest thanks to Audrey Hepburn who brought this stretchy and comfy wardrobe piece to women’s fashion. Since then, leggings have been in and out of fashion. With Athleisure trend raving, leggings are definitely in this season.

Here are top 5 leggings brands available in India.


ONLY has been at the top of their game since their entry into the Indian fashion market in 2010. Each of their collection resonates with the confident and carefree attitude of the millennial generation. Their leggings create an inimitable modern identity coupled with international styles.


Affordable fashion that looks straight out of the runway is what Forever 21 delivers. With 815 stores worldwide, they have a great grasp of contemporary trends and demands of today’s fashion-forward generation. Their leggings, like any other outfits from their collections are chic, trendy and sophisticated.

3. Kook N Keech

Since their inception in 2013, Kook N Keech has won all hearts with their Disney and Marvel themed outfits. Appealing to the child within, they come up with the coolest prints which are best fit for a casual day out. However, they also have a few minimalistic designs that can blend into the office trend. Their leggings too come with the same fun Disney and Marvel prints.

4. Lee

Lee has been a pioneer of casual fashion for over a century. Over the years, many trends came and went; except for one, Denims. Taking this evergreen style, they merged it with today’s raving trend, leggings to form a line of bottom wear that stole the hearts of all.

5. Reebok

Reebok has been the most common name for sportswear and athlete’s fashion. However, with Athleisure trend on the rise, even the non-sporty crowd has been looking into their amazing collection of work-out tights and leggings.

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