Cafe | April 06, 2019

To commit or not to commit?

The question is: Are relationships worth it? The answer totally depends upon an individual. It is the person’s perspective and experience that can make a relationship work or not. Most people don’t even stop to think whether relationships are worth it or not and just plunge into one.

A person who thinks that relationships are not worth it may think so because of some bad experience in their life. They need to improve their self-esteem or change some behavioural patterns so that they feel worthy to date again.  Sometimes, it happens that they may attract the wrong people, thus creating a negative outlook on relationships. Such people develop fair and reasonable boundaries that hold them from being in a relationship.

For others, they want to be in a relationship either because they are needy or consider it as essential for a happy existence. Such people don’t do well alone nor have they been alone in their life for a long period. They identify themselves as somebody who needs a partner and have no idea whatsoever what it’s like to live life independently.

But the worst part about saying yes or no is both the answers stem from an unhealthy place. It’s the importance of having healthy relationships that count. Both the parties don’t necessarily have a balanced perspective when it comes to relationships.

Being in a healthy relationship leads to comfort and security. You will have somebody to share your thoughts with. Meanwhile, the need for personal space will reduce and you will also have to learn to compromise a little. The unsettling fear that your significant other may leave you will also create tension.

Bottomline? To be honest, every relationship has some problem or other. It’s the way you choose to handle it that defines the success or failure of your relationship.