Cafe | May 18, 2018

Time to Pop Corn


A healthy way to make popcorn more tasty and fun with the crunchy goodness of kale adding to the flavor.

Make snack time fun with this tangy spicy popcorn filled with tangy lime and healthy cilantro.

For the perennial Bollywood lover, this flavor of popcorn is the ultimate companion for a Bollywood flick.

One for the vegans! Why should they miss out on the bliss that’s cheese popcorn when they have a yummy alternative?

A cool way to fool your hostel warden ;) This harmless-looking popcorn is full of fun and the craziness of tequila is sure to make a movie with friends more enjoyable!

Who said popcorn had to be served only in tubs? Here’s a new avatar of the all-time favorite. Covered in delicious chocolate, this one’s going to tempt you to try.

After the tequila, here’s one for the beer lovers! This is a unique and out-of-the-world combo. Quite unimaginable, try it and let us know how you liked it.

Here’s one for the cookie lovers (Oreo Alert!) Add more crunch to your popcorn with this unusual but yummy combination.

Popcorn with dark chocolate, caramel, cashews and white chocolate chunks. Mouth-watering? Of course it is! For the lovers of crunch, this flavor is a must-try.

Here’s one for the love of Snickers! Crunchy, gooey and yum at the same time, this popcorn is heavenly taste rolled into one. Grab one and munch away!