This mega global trend is shapeshifting and expanding globally

This mega global trend is shapeshifting and expanding globally

The hottest summer outfits are here! Athleisure is here to stay and we’re looking at how this megatrend has taken over runways and celebrity closets causing a global outbreak. The sweatshirt and hoodie trend was inspired by winter outfits for women, but now these winter looks for women are spilling over into summer fashions we can’t get enough of. The new athleisure trend is the latest in party wear. Western dresses and party wear dresses for girls aren’t only polka dot dresses or animal print clothes, they’re about feeling and looking super chic-casual. 

This megatrend is shapeshifting into various dimensions of athletic wear. We have comfortably cool baggy clothes to straight-off the treadmill looks.  We’ll show you how our favourite celebs are rocking the new athletic look this season.

Look 1: The Cali Look

Even though this picture is shot in Toronto, the vibes are very California casual.

Look 2: Fashionnova chic

Fashionnova is known for its popular urban chic look. Try this monochrome set to get that uber-sexy look.

Look 3: Dubai

All baggy everything is the money shot.

Look 4: Kylie’s casuals

If anyone knows the latest in athleisure, it’s gotta be Kylie Jenner.

Look 5: Mantra

Another look we’re seeing is the post-yoga look. It’s very “yogism-” an athletic take on spirituality today.