These Simple and effortless fashion accessories for perfect and bold enough for everyday

These Simple and effortless fashion accessories for perfect and bold enough for everyday

This season’s looks were anything but subtle, but not that there isn’t something for us low-key girls. Jewellery is very personal, so how you choose to wear your accessories is completely up to you. The best part of the jewellery and accessories this season is its wearability options. You can stack your gold necklaces and chokers, or wear each unique piece on its own. 

What we did notice is the elegant gracefulness of the pieces we saw on the runway. Shops online and in stores are also adapting the travel bug these accessories pull off. There is a sense of wanderlust and memoirs from bazaars and souks with these heirloom-like accessories. If minimal jewellery is your thing, check out the antique gold studs, pendants, simple bangles and other essential pieces for ladies. Seen on the @bafta, minimal jewellery showed its value. We’re going to take looks from the runways and show you how you can style a look must simpler to your liking.

Look 1: Alex Rivière

Alex, with one year in fashion design, a BA in Fashion Marketing and a degree in Business Administration, she started her own fashion studio, @rivistudio and online fashion magazine. As in influencer herself, she has a very select minimal handful of curated fashion pieces known for simplicity and minimalism.

Look 2: Natalie Halcro

A best friend of Kim K, Natalie is a new mom, with a reality TV show, Relatively Nat & Liv. As a designer of @natlivcollection, Natalie is a popular Instagram model and fashion influencer. Her style is the ideal LA look, monochrome with minimal jewellery and perfect details in hair, nails and makeup. She’s known for her glamorous evening dresses and gowns, pastels being her favourite. 

Look 3: Olivia Pierson

Olivia is a Canadian TV personality, blogger and Instagram model. With her best friend Natalie Halcro, the duo created their beauty-based YouTube channel. They’ve starred together in the reality show Relatively Nat & Liv. As a designer of @natlivcollection, Olivia is a popular Instagram model and fashion influencer. Her look is much like her best friend’s: simple, monochromatic, and all things pastel.

Look 4: Jacqueline Fernandez

A Sri Lankan actress, model, and the winner of the Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant of 2006, Jacqueline has 36 million followers on Instagram for her fame in India’s Bollywood scene. She’s quite busy with performances, modelling shoots, and the works. Her style is glam, with minimal jewellery and maintenance.

Look 5: Amanda Cerny

Amanda is an American social media personality, actress, fitness model, who made her career on YouTube and Vine. With  26 million followers on Instagram, Amanda knows a thing or two about fashion. Her style is clean, fresh, with hardly any makeup or the latest fashions. She isn’t quite a fashion icon but is known for her fierce simplicity.

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