Beauty | May 16, 2019

These are the 5-minute face masks you need in your life

Slipping through the weekend in comfy robes and white slippers, being pampered while de-stressing; You just can’t beat a relaxing spa day! It’s the perfect way to treat your body and soul and give it the love it deserves.

But wait! we just remembered our empty bank accounts and the never-ending mundane chores. The struggle is real. But forget all that, we got you covered, girl. So, listen up - we have a suggestion that will fulfil your skincare needs and give that ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ factor, all within your home. It only takes five minutes.

Combining olden rituals, natural ingredients and modern science, fresh face masks give you that ‘straight-outta-spa’ glow, whenever you feel like it. There are plenty of options to choose from. That too, each one is filled with benefits that will satisfy the hardcore spa lovers. Let’s begin!

Start by cleansing your skin with a face cleaner. Not only will it remove make-up and impurities, but  will also help your mask absorb into the skin.

A concentrated blend of fruits to brighten and refine your skin, revealing a truly natural glow.

This ultra-hydrating rose blend will plum up and cool all skin types. Got super sensitive skin? Chill the formula in the fridge to enhance the soothing effects.

Use a deep pore-clearing cleanse or apply directly to spots to both purify and heal your skin.

An Instant moisturizer, that powers the skin’s defences against acne and also contains anti ageing properties. The velvety, whipped texture is extra luxe. It’s a win-win for your face!

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