The versatile pencil skirt is just right for all shapes and sizes

The versatile pencil skirt is just right for all shapes and sizes

The pencil skirt has been a fashion staple piece since the 30s. As most remember it by, it was what ladylike women wore during WWI and WWII. With that thought in perspective, we can imagine the women of the late 30s and 40s: classy, feminine, and graceful. 

The pencil skirt made it hard to walk briskly. One had to almost float with grace in a pencil skirt; not to mention the particular way to sit when wearing a pencil skirt, as many etiquette classes will teach you. Pencil skirts are sensual in subtle ways, revealing your calves and ankles. 

This shows us women with curves and without can look flawlessly sophisticated in a versatile pencil skirt. For this season, we’ll mix the 90s trend with the classic pencil skirt. The result? Absolute drama.

Look 1: Nonchalant Rainbow

The striped sequin pencil skirt is all the drama we’re looking for this season. We’re thinking Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City for this one. Mix-and-match with a graphic tee, a statement necklace and heels to get the city look.

Look 2: The Russian Librarian

This vintage librarian look suits perfectly for the office. It’s a versatile ensemble, so you can wear your shirt with trousers or your pencil skirt with a loose oversized tee. It’s all the pieces we need to create a practical wardrobe of endless possibilities.

Look 3: Discotheque

The 70s was also a big deal in terms of colours, vibes and silhouettes. The pencil skirt can make an oversized shirt look balanced.

Look 4: The Resort

The resort getaway is a look for the summer by the beach. Think flowy fabrics and lighter colours.

Look 5: Leg of Mutton top

The leg of mutton refers to the style of sleeves this 70s look carries. It’s very Grease and very school-girl professional. Pair it with a pencil skirt for that added boost of glamour.