The Trench-Dress Should Be Your Go-To This Season

The Trench-Dress Should Be Your Go-To This Season

Meghan Markle took a much-needed break from her streamlined dresses on her recent outing to experiment with a trickier item: the trench-dress. Neither a coat nor a dress, the hybrid piece when done right, makes for a chic statement.  Meghan owns a few neutral versions of the silhouette and it seems the duchess has stocked a few for significant occasions.

The trend’s influence can be traced back to the 90’s – Remember Carrie Bradshaw? Through the capricious world of fashion trends, a classic trench coat has remained an eternal staple in fashion insiders’ closets and what better way to renew the sleek staple than by trying out 2019's trench-dresses.

Below you will find outfits that will convince you to ditch your go-to dresses for the trench style instead.

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