Accessories | March 08, 2019

Spring Accessories Highlight

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What we’ve seen from the past trends is customization. We learned style is what you make it, and not so much about what is seen on the runway. With style personalization and self-expression, artistic accessories are everywhere. Things are disproportionate, avant garde, and very unique.

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Here are some of the cutest, and coolest accessories you just gotta get your hands on this season, before Summer kicks in!

Bucket bags in a fishnet texture is inspired from fisherman! It’s the perfect coastal bag in a neutral shade so it goes with everything.

Although a skirt isn’t really an accessory, we thought a wrap look-alike skirt is a bit different. It’s a total must-have.

To compliment the Moroccan look, hoops with stones is another adorable add-on to your Spring look.

Wood is another great material, perfect for Spring because of its earthy tone.

With Oakwood colours, it only makes sense to try turquoise for Spring. It’s a great transition colour into Summer.

We’re thinking of Spring evenings when we picked this motif dress for lounging by a Arabian coast.

The Turkish look is in, but in a subtle mystical way. Pair this mosaic bag with any Spring look for the total effect.

Statement heels are also important this season, and what better way to bring in Spring than with a faux amber crystal heel?

Along the lines of amber, we’ve picked the perfect semi-cat eye with wooden detailing for added depth.

Spring for us meant statement detailing in our wardrobe. With Paris Fashion Week focusing on bold feathers, embellishments, and narrative heels, accessories were clearly important. Keep your wardrobe neutral, and your accessories loud!

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