Cafe | May 27, 2019

The need to keep a friendship journal

Your best friend is the only person who knows every little secret about you that even your bae may not. You two have been through laughs to broken hearts and laughs again. She/he is the only person with whom you never hesitate to share anything and everything.

Starting a friendship journal with your best friend has its own advantages. If there is something about your friendship that bothers either one of you personally, it’s a good way to let it out through a journal. You will feel comfortable writing whatever comes to your mind and that can make your friendship stronger.

A journal helps keep all your memories together, that you can someday revisit. The small important memories that you otherwise might have forgotten – all these moments can be relieved with the help of a journal. You don’t have to depend on social media to remind you of a memory.

It is also the best way to keep a long-distance friendship alive. It’s a good way to keep up with your friend’s new life and know every little detail that’s going on and vice versa. You can also add a bucket-list set that you’d want to do together – like going on a trip, maybe even get matching tattoos!

You both can come up with a question and answer it in a journal and share your thoughts. Relieve the fun days and learn from the bad days. You can also start a journal on your own and jot down all the good memories and gift it to your friend on her birthday. It would make for a truly unique and meaningful gift.

You can also show off your creativity by sticking photos of the two of you together. If that wasn’t enough, you can gather mementoes that you can glue into the book. You can stick some tickets to the places you visited together; something you bought from that place or just photographs. The bottom line is that having a friendship journal revives the (sometimes stagnating) friendship and helps you both recollect some truly beautiful moments.