The latest sneaker trends and how to wear them for the season

The latest sneaker trends and how to wear them for the season

The trainer, also known as the sneaker is here to stay ladies! Inspired by the designer VETEMENTS, the fashion sneaker can and will be paired with most outfits, formal or informal. The stylish white sneaker for women is still dominant all over the world, but vintage 80s sneakers are taking the limelight this upcoming season. 

If white isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There is a sneaker in every colour of the rainbow, including transparent PVC. The creativity skyrockets this season with the sneaker trend. Be sure to see platform sneakers and runners and tennis shoes with an inclined sole for better back posture. It’s all there. 

Chunky sneakers are coming back too, and while many of us wonder if these bigger shoes will complement our look, don’t worry, we’ll show you how you can rock this season’s latest gym shoe trend.

Look 1: Monochrome Utility

The monochrome utility look is the hottest trend this season, from performance sneakers to a neutral longline trenchcoat. Pair with blouses, tops, and partywear in the same hue.

Look 2: The Girl Next Door

The babydoll dress outfit is another trend, pair denim with performance sneakers to change up the feminine factor.

Look 3: Practical performance

Neon green and performance clothing gear go hand-in-hand but worn as a dress for casual days make this look more interesting. It’s unique and tailored for office, business, or parties.

Look 4: the Friday night run

We’re loving the cosy practical side of this look. The classic black is perfect for a casual evening out on the town.

Look 5: Fashion Week

The combination of everything in this looks screams trend. From satin to floral and rust, this look looks most unique with a high-top sneaker.

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