Poptrends | May 20, 2019

The kind of perfume you should wear based on your zodiac sign


The quest to find your new signature scent can be exhausting. "Do you like florals?”, "What's your perfect first date?”, "Diamonds or pearls?” The seemingly unrelated questions perfume salespeople pose to you can leave you sniffing every scent in the store until everything smells like a combination of musks, florals, spices, and fruits. 

What if we told you that there was an easier way to find the best perfume for you; one that requires you to answer just one question that you've answered like a billion times before. And that is… *Drum Roll* - “What's your sign?” Below are the perfect choices of perfumes based on astrological zodiac signs.


You’re an adventure seeker with an insatiable curiosity for everything around you. A fresh, beachy scent is the perfect complement to your energetic personality. It’s magnetic and vibrant, yet somehow, still flexible, much like the wearer.


Warm and compassionate, people who fall under the Pisces sign are the human equivalent of a cozy throw blanket. With such an inviting personality, you need a scent that’s as appealing as you are. A familiar floral will add to your friendly charm.


A strong and confident soul like yours needs a fragrance that will hold up to your fiery energy. Might we suggest a scent that has notes of amber or wood? Something that is bold but still approachable—just like you!


If there were any colour to describe you, it would be evergreen. You’re reliable and steady (and thus, a great friend to have in any circle). A crisp, earthy scent will keep you centred (and smelling damn good) through anything life throws at you.


As a Gemini, you tend to have a diverse set of interests that are constantly changing. You’re full of ideas, and you absorb your surroundings like a sponge. A complex and layered fragrance—one that changes as it wears down, will keep your pacing mind stimulated.


The most nurturing of all the signs, Cancers need a similarly approachable (read: non-pretentious) scent. Something simple and warm with notes like vanilla or rose is wearable 365 days of a year, for any occasion and around any crowd.


Fact: Leo ladies command a certain presence wherever they go. A bold and unforgettable scent like a spicy musk is apt for you. Its scent will linger long after you’ve exited a room and will leave a lasting impression (in a good way!).


There’s much more to you than your quiet exterior, dear Virgo. With that calm, comes a wealth of knowledge that could only be expressed with an equally complex scent. We’re thinking, a rather unexpected combination like leather and peach, that will mirror the many layers of your personality.


Libras, you are extremely charming and easygoing. This draws people to you constantly. A light, playful fragrance that has a bit of sweetness is truly reflective of your personality.


Be it work or love, a Scorpio always approaches everything with intensity and passion. We recommend a strong tinge of patchouli to match your heat and fervour.


Sagittarius ladies are known for their killer sense of humour and spontaneity. They’re always down for a good time (and are usually the ones bringing the fun). A bright citrus fragrance that invigorates the senses and smells like a breath of fresh air, is what you Sags should go for. After all, aren’t you also likened to a breath of fresh air?


Dear Capricorn. there is perhaps no sign that is more polished than you, even amidst your constant hustle. You need a steadfast scent that you can always rely on to keep you smelling fresh.

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