Fashion | September 09, 2018

The Faux Fur

Fur is an important trends to look out for this season, and it’s mostly for coats and accessories, but faux fur is what we meant.

London fashion week vowed to eliminate fur completely this season, and it’s an important decision that was made for the protection of animals.

With designers like Prada and Burberry that still use fur, the British Fashion Council has a plan to maybe phase them out of fashion in the long term, with the elimination of fur production.

With fashion moving towards a more ethical process of clothing production, eco-friendly material is what’s hot.

Options are available for designers who want to use fur, such as synthetic fur and material that is for viable and we’re totally all for that decision.

So let’s take a look at the hottest faux fur of the season!

Try a Mondrian approach to fur with colour block. Pair with dark denim and pointed kitten heels for a chic look.

Try a soft pink vest for texture. This is best paired with soft beige and off-white ensembles.

Get a pop of black at the bust, a perfect look for an evening out.

Bright colours take the stage around the wrists. It’s a very street couture kind of look.

Try something a little more jazzy with a colour blend of fur. Pair with gold accessories.

Boots are huge right now. Try a pop of fur to add texture to your look

Faux fur in a black short coat for the colder climate

Brown shearlings are great for an offbeat fur look.

Try a cinched double toned parka, since parkas are trending this season.

Colour match with faux leopard print

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