Fashion | April 24, 2019

The cool gal ways to wear paper bag pants

We are always looking to modify our everyday uniform (read: denim), though the resurgence of an otherwise nerdy pant style has taken us by surprise Paper Bag Pants. Yep, you read that right, they are incredibly flattering (hello, defined waist). So hear us out. All over the spring summer runways, it took on a new life with paper bag waist pants. They have a gathered waist, mimicking the look of a cinched paper bag. When done right, they scream effortless queen of cool.

The trickster trend is obsequious because it creates an hourglass silhouette and it’s also comfy AF. This lewk is already a fave of every supermodel in the game. Right from Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid and it’s been on our wish list since we first saw them rocking it. The key to pulling off these babies is balance. So pair them with a fitted shirt, bodysuit or crop top. In other words, Paper Bag Pants are cool and our edit ahead has stylish options aplenty get after it.

1. Wear them with a cooltank

Play up the androgynous factors of trousers by wearing them with a cool tank. The look is relaxed, chic and thanks to the whole tucked in thing – totally appropriate.

2. Two words - Khaki & Chic

On the flip side a pair of paper bag pants, especially in gorgeous khaki, looks great juxtaposed with a fitted blouse. Think of this combo as the modern update on your classic work go-to look.

3. Office Attire

Paper bag pants are striking, there is no getting around that. Lean into the whole statement, in a pair that’s as wide as they are long. As usual balance out the volume of the pants with a top that’s fitted for that absolutely sick look.

4. Try them in the season’s it color

Will you get more out of your paper bag pants in black than in khaki? Well, maybe but it’s already a statement piece so why not go all out? This beige is not only a color to love but it looks chic when done with a satin tank top.

5. Make a Statement with Stripes

Colored pants are great but let’s not rule out the stripes. Style them just as you would a pair of culottes with slim fitting tops, tucked in to show off your waist.

6. Choose unexpected materials

While we are trying new silhouettes, why not try them in out of the blue fabrics like denim. Think of these like your cool, dramatic new jeans and wear them as would the rest of your denim wardrobe. Don’t overthink it, a simple T-shirt is all you need to let a pair of crazy-cool pants shine.

Pants are definitely getting a major upgrade this season and we are ready to ditch our skinny jeans!

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