The 90s Mod cut-outs in formalwear

The 90s Mod cut-outs in formalwear

The cut-out trend this 2020 season is everything we expected out of futuristic minimalism. Cut-outs around the torso are especially fascinating as they give the illusion of a cinched waist. Of course, with a cut-out silhouette, precision tailoring is vital in creating the perfect office or evening look.

Cut-outs are reminiscent of the 90’s mod look, grunge with a hint of badass. The cut-out is more of a secondary effect of the dominatrix trend we currently have for the upcoming season. Cut-outs are the perfect accessory to showcase your distinctive style. Whether it’s your décolletage or your lower back, the finely sliced cut-out feature attracts the eye where you want it to go.

When it comes to styling, there is no wrong way sporting the cut-out trend. Think bodysuits and bodycon tops with cut-out shoulders and a high-waisted pencil skirt for that bad girl vibe you love to hate. Layer with an oversized coat for added drama.

Nothing says sexy like a sliver of your own skin peeping out from a finely constructed dress or top. Let’s take a look at our favourite contemporary futuristic looks this season.

Look 1: The Monday Morning Mayhem

If you’re daring enough to make a bold entrance at your workplace, think cut-outs for formalwear. With cutting edge tailored suiting, cut-outs add the right bit of drama to your next boardroom meetings.

Look 2: Late for my art class

Cut-outs are pure art, fragments merged together to create an illusion or an impact of notable importance. Think mysterious art teacher vibes for this look.

Look 3: An evening in Berlin

While the chillier days linger for a few more months, we want to keep the right amount of sexy and subtlety in the mix, keeping in mind the trends of the season. Mystery, drama, and spy girl energy is all the rage this winter solstice.

Look 4: Double shot expresso

When doing a cut-out anywhere on the body, think neutrality and minimalism. Textures, silhouettes, and details are taking the main stage, so keep your colours very conservative for the office.

Look 5: Classic Cuts

The great thing about sliced knitwear this season is that you can wear them with anything, year ‘round. Layering is the cherry on top. We’re feeling college vibes with this one.

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