Beauty | October 01, 2019

The 2019 Beauty Checklist

latest beauty trends for women

Though this highlighter has been in the market for a while now, it shot to fame when the universal favourite musician-turned-entrepreneur Bad Girl Riri launched her own shade of Pure Gold Highlighter and named is Killawat Highlighter. Though not a very subtle choice, this highlighter is set to put the stage on fire because being subtle was never your intention, right?

Top your no-make up look with a pop of colour and you’re set for the day (or night). These peppy colours are definitely gonna elevate your mood and bring out the pop-star in you. These neon, bright colours are a must have this year and they will definitely rule the charts.

Coloured eyeliner will be ‘in’ your pouch this season – but wear it with a purpose. Play it up with the hues in your outfit and make your colour game stronger.

Twiggy Lashes are nothing new, but this year’s Dior’s spring show has taken it to a new level. The updated version of these clumpy lashes is pairing of these spidery lashes with fresh, no make-up look.

Eyeliner is probably is a must and a constant for any beauty routine. But thumbprint eyeliner is stealing the show with its rounded end- it’s as if the classic cat eye got a different twist. Keep it short and simple and you’re good to go No matter what the trends are, your personality speaks volumes. Follow styles, but set your own statement. Don’t do anything blindly just because. Most importantly, wear your confidence up your sleeves and you know the diva is back in action!

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