Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Selena Gomez’s look

Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Selena Gomez’s look

From her humble beginnings on Spy Kids 3 to winning several awards like the Guinness World Records 4 times, Selena Gomez is the most popular female celeb we know of. She’s known for being the most followed celeb on Instagram, with 168 million followers. Through the years, she’s changed quite a bit, more like... fully grown up. She wears gowns, structured blazers, asymmetrical separates, and pretty summer dresses. It’s everything we hoped she would be as an adult. 

And while she hasn’t attended the Oscars or the Grammys this year, she is still known for being the most sought after celebrity on every fashionista’s list. Her look is classic: the right amount of grown-up and Rare. With so many Disney kids growing up, you have to see which ones really make it and which ones don’t. We think Selena definitely made it with all her latest pop releases. Her style vouches for that. Everything about Gomez is simple, even her down-to-earth personality. Let’s take a look at 5 of her top looks and how to get it!

Look 1: Vintage Selena

We’re thinking the late Selena Quintanilla with this one. She’s channelling the latest hair style for women.

Look 2: Gold and Nude

2 neutrals together make a right.

Look 3: AMAS

Selena is known for her perfect bob, and neon green mini for this look. With her natural skin care routine, Selena knows how to look like the fashion woman she is.

Look 4: The yacht trip

It’s the perfect yacht trip look: a white shirt over mini denim shorts.

Look 5: Netflix

This look screams “actor” in an underground acting studio somewhere in NY.

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