Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Lady Gaga’s look

Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Lady Gaga’s look

Lady Gaga is on the charts for her latest track, Stupid Love. Born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Gaga has also come to the forefront about depression and sexual abuse in her past. With the latest track, she talks about love, and how all she ever wanted was ‘your stupid love.” Quite powerful, we must say. While she may look bold on stage, she has a heart of gold and kindness beneath those layers. Winner of 2 Golden Globe Awards and many many others, Gaga is close to reaching the highest level of stardom. 

Every season new fashion trends emerge inspired by leading Hollywood ladies. Gaga is known for her questionable sense of taste, but that’s why we love her all the more. Gaga inspired the latest fashion for women: asymmetrical flamboyance. Her latest western dresses in fashion include all things pink right now, in lieu of her recent track release. Her take on fashion dresses for women this season is a bit of punk rock. We’ll show you how you can get Gaga look effortlessly.

Look 1: Animanga

This very cute and playful look reminds us of Japanese anime.

Look 2: Gaga green

If Lady Gaga had a colour, it would be this slime green.

Look 3: Lady of the stage

We all know Lady Gaga owns the stage. This look could pass as her alter ego.

Look 4: Retro Hollywood

Lady Gaga is also known for her personal touch on the retro look with cat-eye frames and faux fur.

Look 5: Unicorn Blue

Nostalgic of Barbie’s iridescent unicorn, Gaga shows off a stunning nail colour in the same shade.