Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Dua Lipa’s look

Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Dua Lipa’s look

Dua Lipa’s track, Don’t Start Now, is number 3 on the Billboard top 100. And much like many modern artists, Lipa started her career on YouTube covering songs from other artists. Lipa identifies her music as dark pop, a new take on modern music. She’s won 2 Grammy’s and continues to top charts all over the world. The best part? She’s super hot. She’s tall, modelesque, and talented with a raspy voice. The best part of Lipa’s style is her spontaneity. She wears the latest stylish dresses, introducing new fashion trends and the latest fashion for women with her crazy outfits. 

To check out the full extent of her style, Lipa’s Instagram account features some of her best looks, lifestyle images, and the hottest dresses for women. The latest western dresses in fashion inspired by Lipa are mix-and-match separates, psychedelic print, spaghetti straps, and Anime! We’ll show you how you can get the look.

Look 1: Psychadelic tye dye

Dua Lipa shows us how to skate in tripped out heels.

Look 2: Animania

Anime somehow really suits Lipa. Maybe it’s all colours and expressions. Lipa got her own face animated for this bodysuit.

Look 3: Cocktail parties

Lipa is also known for her 90s after-hour look. It’s very cocktail-partyesque.

Look 4: Another 90s look

Lipa has legs as far as the eye can see. To show off your legs, try a mini dress with matching heels.

Look 5: Personalised favourites

Another look Lipa likes is the personalised brands she wears. Jurassic Park is featured here, an interesting and random style element.