Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Billie Eilish’s look

Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Billie Eilish’s look

Billie Eilish is known for her lack of form-fitting fashion, and on purpose too! She mentioned she would be afraid of what people think of her beneath her clothes since body shaming is so common. Having turned 18 in December of 2019, Billie is the only star to win a Guinness World Record of being the youngest female artist at No.1 on the UK albums chart. She’s also won several American Music Awards and a Grammy too. So, of course, feeling a little insecure might be heard of. But that hasn’t stopped us from wanting to take over the trend she’s created for all us Billie fans. Besides, who doesn’t want matching @gucci shoes?

If you’re wondering how to get one of her many looks, start with the basics. Hip-hop + skater boi + emo/goth. Puffer jackets are aplenty, with oversized tees, matching baggy shorts with a windbreaker, large sweatshirts, neon green, and some anime/Sailor Moon. Billie isn’t so much about the typical fashion woman but does love stylish designer dressing style meant for bigger women. Think Post Malone meets Missy Elliott to better grasp her style. 

It’s not like Billie doesn’t have a sense of fashion, but instead, has fashion following her. With her recent Instagram post, she’s wearing @chanel, oversized, and unlike anything Chanel we’ve ever seen. We’re going to show you some of her most infamous looks. See if you can carry it off.

Look 1: Skater Goth

This look was taken at the UNICEF Masquerade Ball. Totally apt, we think.

Look 2: Woke up rich

This look was for the 2019 LACMA Art + Film Gala. With huge shoes and a 2-piece nightgown look, we’re loving the ensemble. @gucci

Look 3: @Gucci nightgown part 2

It’s obvious Billie likes Gucci, but a neon green layered nightgown look is another level.

Look 4: Another nightgown

Yes, she is wearing another 2-piece nightgown look, but in black satin and necklace stacks. 

Look 5: Community service

This look inspired us of uniforms community service criminals wear at the juvenile detention centre. It’s an interesting take on lifestyle fashion.

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