Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Ariana Grande’s look

Takeover Trend: We’re stealing Ariana Grande’s look

Having won 3 American Music Awards and 2 Billboard Music Awards, and a Grammy, Ariana Grande is exploding on the scene. While most of us can’t sing like her, we don’t mind taking over the trend she’s created in place- from skincare for women, like Ariana’s gorgeously glowing skin to her hair care tips for that lustrous hair she’s known for. The latest hair style for women also steals much of the look from Ariana herself: the perfect high pony and cascading lengths of mahogany locks. 

Ariana’s hairstyles are the best wedding hairstyles to have this season. It’s very mermaid-like when let down, and chic when tied up. She’s also the hottest fashion woman we have on our favourite celeb list. Lampshading is the new trend now, as Ariana put it; where your oversized shirt covers your shorts. But we’re not going to look at what she’s known for dressing, instead, we’re going to steal her looks right from her Insta. 

There are a few points to keep in mind when stealing her look. Get a pair of knee-high boots neutral enough to go with all your clothes like a beige/nude or a light brown. 

Look 1: Backstage

This look is very Grande with her proper stage costume: very cute babydoll-like.

Look 2: Festival-style

Although this is another backstage look, we can’t help but get festival vibes with this one.

Look 3: Nude thing

Another look she’s known for her is her mauve-nude shades, whether lipsticks or apparel.

Look 4: it’s just business

We can totally imagine Ariana sarcastically saying “it’s just business” with a swing of her hair as she walks away.

Look 5: The ‘i’m actually interested in what you’re saying’ look

This look is very attitude, a rare photo of her actually paying attention to what you have to say.

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