Summer Stripes

Summer Stripes

The summer stripes are back! We’re talking about vertical nautical stripes in warm colours, with complementary colours to match the ensemble. There are sequins paired with striped shirts, pastel stripes layered with various transparent shirts, and all things oversized.

Stripes add to the office trend we have this season: utilitarian, androgynous, gender blended shirting and suits, and the 80s look. Stripes are breezy, easy on the eyes, and fun to play with this season. It’s all in the layering! The way to wear stripes this season is in monochrome. Think of it as a print, which is also huge this season. 

Play on prints and textures is how you can easily achieve the upcoming season’s looks. The wilder the combo, the more stylish you will appear to be.

Look 1: Garage Band

This look is very retro, with vintage stripes, and black grunge denim.

Look 2: Vintage Stripe

Vintage stripes are huge this season, pair with dark denim to neutralize the boldness of the colourful stripe.

Look 3: Straight Business

The shorts trend is also booming this season. Pair with a classic white crop top and a matching blazer.

Look 4: Both Ways

For the experimentals, stripe on stripe is an interesting combo. It creates the illusion of wide and narrow around your silhouette.

Look 5: Jewel Stripes

Another bold look is the jewel tone combination of stripe on stripe. Play with textures and prints to get this season’s look.

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