A Street Style Guide To Wear a Slip Dress in Fall

A Street Style Guide To Wear a Slip Dress in Fall

We think our favorite slip dresses are borrowed on time once we hit mid-september but it doesn’t need to be that way. We are all stretching our wear by embracing seasonless dressing and allow the street style stars to make a convincing case for rocking a slip dress through fall.

A slinky slip dress can also be effortlessly styled to endure fall’s volatile weather. So you needn’t fret about freezing this fall for the sake of fashion when wearing the versatile silhouette.

Here are 7 ways to wear a slip dress courtesy of our favorite street style stars.

Look 1 - Button-Down Boudoir

Look 2 - Light Layers

Look 3 - Trusty Topper

Look 4 - Sweater Weather

Look 5 - Show the Spots

Look 6 - Turn Your Slip into a Skirt

Look 7 - Slip that Turtle Neck

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