Fashion | January 17, 2019

SS19 Trends That Will Rule Fashion

fashion trends 2019

"You can never be under-dressed in black" has been a fashion moto for most statement lovers for years. A cute black dress would fit any occasion; wear it to a formal meeting in the office, add some accessories and you’re ready for a party, carry your bag and you’re ready to shop. Well, that ends now. 2019 is a year of trend explosions and designers have already begun to shower their extravagant looks on the ramps and are gearing up  to flood the streets too.

Hippy modernism

Boho has been one of the most loved styles for many years and this year designers have given it an even more casual, classy & chic twist with the neo-boho trend.  This year’s look is more sensual than ever with long loose outfits and relaxed styles that accentuate a woman’s silhouette without sticking to the skin. The best hues that add on to this all new perspective of boho would be warm desert and sunset hues or clashing carpet and tile prints. Pair it with accessories you picked up as souvenirs on your trip to a village or pilgrimage to nail the look.

Tie Dye

What do you do when your favourite outfits go out of trend? Well, this year don’t let your outdated faves stay hidden at the back of your wardrobe. Get some fabric paint and tie dye it for a 2019 fit version. Mix colours, play with it, try anything you want. You can never go wrong with tie dye. But, if you like your outfit designs to be left to the experts pick one from below before they’re all gone out of stock.  

Neon colours

Neon trend has been around for quite a few years. Bright neon hues have been seen paired with subtle colours to not seem too loud. But 2019 is the time to go full out with neons. From single colour neon suits to a casual mix of neons, there’s no end to what you can do.

Animal prints

Every time animal prints make an appearance in the fashion arena, they instantly become a hit. It has been the most loved trend for years, and this year animal prints have made an even stronger comeback. With leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, giraffe, hyena, African wild dog and monkey, all on the shelves. Exploring your wild side is definitely going to be irresistible this tear. Which of these prints would you like to flaunt this season?

Sweet Valley High

Sweet Valley High is back! We might have to wait before the movie comes out, but until then, we have Sweet Valley High inspired fashion to explore. The swirling terrestrial graphics in bold bright shades, pastels and prints clashing, and acid light washed denims have already hit the shelves. Get them now if you want to be the first girl in your gang to sport the look that’s going to take 2019 by storm.

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