Fashion | March 15, 2019

SS’19 Color Trend: Hyper Bright Yellow

What else can make everyone covetous other than a head- to-toe yellow outfit? Don’t shilly-shally to be the eye catcher. We have instagram to blame for everything, including the rise of #Yellowmellow from an instagram hashtag to IRL- As the yellow color trend of 2019.

We are more than sold on this color trend and not to mention it’s such a summer symbol. It looks great in photos . Style wise, no matter what you wear, yellow will always look good on you. It’s a matter of hue and whether or not you wear one item or drape yourself in lemonade. Right?

If you don’t believe us or instagram you‘d better believe the designers, cause their SS2019 collection has yellow in it through & through.

Let’s go on a ride (bear with us throughout the post) of your freaking-lemonade-summer-life. We promise you will look FAB!

1. Head-to-toe Yellow outfits

Let’s just pretend to be Beyonce (remember that yellow lemonade dress) and go home and cry tears or joy. The best yellow outfit for summer handsdown – Dresses! Be it fluid, flirty, fitted, shift, maxis, midi, prints or solid with espadrilles, heels or sneakers.  A head to toe yellow statement dress is a must for SS’19.

2. Head to yellow in Pieces

If dresses ain't your shtick or you are one of those girls who loves to spend time on outfits and are the least laziest person out there (we wish we knew what that was like) well then its yellow outfits in 1, 2, 3  or 20 odd pieces of yellow for you. Skirts, shorts , pants, tops all paired together regardless of the style or cut as long as they are all yellow. From bright yellow to mustard or pastel styles - every lemon inspired color is your bestie this season.

3. Just one yellow thing, Please !

Not everyone is a yellow mellow kinda person and some fashion lovers go by the mantra less is more and a bigger style statement with just one item rather than wear the lemonade of the entire world at once. Yellow looks absolutely striking when worn with blue denim, either trousers or skirts. If you are an adventurous soul and love to color block, pair a yellow top with electric blue pants or a red skirt. Just do your thing.

Ready to  dive wholeheartedly into the trend? These bright hued ensembles pack a punch and guarantee that you will be spotted from a mile away. Truth be told, Spring/Summer is all about color - big, bold , solid and bright. Since summer is all about bright sunny days, yellow mellow is certainly a winner.

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