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Skincare ritual every woman must know

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What do you do after you have washed your face? Do you use a moisturiser first or a sunscreen?  What happens if we apply the serum before toner? Does our skin really need a separate eye cream? Well, here comes an end to all your confusions.  

A clean start

Before you start masking your face with your favourite goodness packed ingredients, it is necessary to make sure that your face is clean. Always choose a gentle cleanser over a strong one to save your face from dryness. Scrub first or clean first? You could use a scrub once in every 3 days to remove dry cells. It is best to cleanse your face before scrubbing if you think you have your makeup or face has too much of dirt. This gives a clean surface for your scrub to work on and helps exfoliate your face better. However, if you think your face is clean. Wash your face with plain water, followed by a scrub, leaving cleansing to the end. Cleansing after scrubbing allows you to cleanse away any residue of dead skin left after scrubbing.

Maintain the pH

After you wash off your face, it is highly possible that you also wash away the protective acidic layer created by your skin to ward off germs. That’s when the toner comes in. Toner helps maintain the acidic pH balance in your face to prevent it from being too dry or too oily. This is a very essential step if your cleanser is too strong. However, if you’re going for a gentle cleanser with pH balancing properties, you can skip this step.

Pack your face with nutrition

After you maintain the pH, is when you can begin masking your face with nutrition-rich serum. While you may be tempted first give your face the nutrition it needs then use the toner, it wouldn’t be great for your face. The main reason being the fact that your serum is much dense than your toner, this doesn’t allow your toner to seep into your face. Therefore, to yield full benefits from the products you are using, go from products with greater fluidity to denser ones.

Protect your eyes

Your eyes are the most delicate area of your face and need extra protection. Signs of ageing begin with crow’s feet, better keep them at bay. Besides anti-ageing, eye cream also helps get rid of dark circles.

Spot treatment

Well, this one is not for everyone. But if you are using any sort of spot treatments for acne, zits or pimples; this is the time. After you have nourished your face and before you barricade your face with the thickest products in your skin care regime.


No matter what your skin type is moisturizer is a must. It not only keeps your face hydrated, but it also locks all the products into your face for an enhanced effect.

Shield from the sun

In the end, comes sunscreen, they don’t need to penetrate your skin to have an impact. They are simply there to shield you from UV rays. So, simply use it as armour against damaging UV rays. However, if you are using chemical sunscreen that needs to seep into your skin to make an impact, use it before moisturizer.

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