Fashion | October 15, 2018

Top 10 Fashion Silhouettes of the season

drape style indian dresses

We’re all used to seeing regular saree draping with the perfect pleats and pallu draped over the left arm.

We’re in a constant need for a woman who’s experienced in perfect pleat making aside us while we learn how to pass the torch of “perfect” saree draping down to our children and our children’s children.

Sartorial dresses and kaftans are seen throughout the fashion forefront this season. Everything from runway to celebrity fashion, shows us the important of diverse cuts in assymetric tailoring.

Whether it’s a saree, lengeha or a tunic, mix and match your look to create the anti-contour look of the season.

For assymetrical cuts and free-flow silhouettes, try experimenting to define your personal style expression. Check out how you can wear a saree as a dress here:

Turning a saree into a dress is the perfect fusion look to assymetrical cuts and tailoring to fit your unique style. The saree will give you a non-contoured look.

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