Sensual, Sedulous, and Covert

Sensual, Sedulous, and Covert

This season’s lingerie and intimate apparel are not worn on the inside anymore. It’s about revealing body and silhouette this year. Feminism is taking a stand with women demanding favour for women of all colours and sizes. 

The lingerie trend is an interesting take on vintage lingerie. There are laces, straps, mesh, and all things bodice. Of course, wearing only sensual lingerie out in the open might not be the best idea, but incorporating lingerie into your everyday outfit can make a huge impact. 

Nudity and all forms of body expressions are allowed, liberating the true woman. It’s not about zero size models sporting the look, but sedulous women who are connected to their inner sensuality. Since the 1920s, lingerie has been a way for women to feel feminine and in tune with themselves.

Look 1: Covert Kremlin

This look is inspired by the black, bold, sensual bad girl spy. It’s the right mix of lace, jet black and body that make this look so intriguing.

Look 2: The comfort chic


While utilitarian and performance workwear is taking over offices all over the world, comfort is an essential element in all fashion.

Look 3: My Body, my rules

This very sexy, daring look isn’t for everywhere. While we would like everyone to feel comfortable and sexy in any lingerie, this look is the strut of only lingerie. While we admire the audacity, we suggest carrying a coat to cover up when required.

Look 4: The structured princess

With the garter straps, this particular look feels very robotic. Imagine a cyborg and all its mechanical seams - a bandage dress with lace and seams to give the appearance of structure, form, and construction.

Look 5: White Out

This urban street look is exactly as it appears, a classic white tee, bra, and some utility pants. The contrasting black and white blocks of colour add dimension.

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