Cafe | April 22, 2019

Read this if you are 30, Single and DGAF

Your initial reaction to the title may be a combination of pity and sadness. We don’t blame you. It’s society which makes people (read: women) feel this way. But hear us out! There are tons of benefits of being unattached in your 30’s. Here are all the reasons you should celebrate if you find yourself sans a partner once you hit 30.

You are okay going to places all by yourself

When you’re single in your 30’s, you’re likely to find yourself without a wingman, a lot! Most of your friends are married and have started families. So, if you are not dating anyone, it can be hard to rope in someone to be your +1 to obligatory events like engagement parties, birthdays, etc. You get used to going alone, which is amazing because, life is long and unpredictable. And though you will absolutely find a partner if you want one, there are and will be times when you have inevitably fly solo. You are way ahead of the curve by being ok with this.

You learn to do things which you wouldn’t have otherwise

Don’t get us wrong – If you are single in your 20’s, you are doing a lot on your own. That being said,  you end up adulting a lot in your 30’s. And the worst part; your besties aren’t around as much to help you deal with them. If you are single, you have to figure out a lot of stuff on your own, that a partner would otherwise help out with. Kudos to you girl. for navigating solo.

You can travel with greater freedom

While holidaying with a doting husband and adorable child is definitely on your “Things to do” check list, there is something truly liberating about saying “hell yeah!“ to a last minute trip to Bali invited by your friends.

You learn from other’s mistakes

If you are single in your 30’s, chances are - you have watched quite a few friends get married and have babies. While initially these milestones may have made you feel jealous, eventually the rose-colored glass comes off. You get to see the real picture - trade offs that take a lot of work. We don’t mean to say that they’re not worth the sacrifice. It just means that the longer you take to make these moves, the more time you will have to think mindfully about what makes you the happiest.

Every day is your own

It’s a luxury to wake up each morning and realize that the day is yours to seize in whichever-whatever way you like. If you are working, it certainly doesn’t allow you to exercise absolute free will, but whatever happens outside of work is still all you. After work, you can hit the gym, read a book, catch up with friends, whatever you want. Once you have a family, it becomes more difficult to find some ‘alone’ time. Marriage and babies are wonderful in their own way - You go home to your loved ones, have a hand to hold in your tough times. But still, how great is it to go home and eat mac and cheese in your comfy couch while watching Sex and the city or flipping through the lastest issue of vogue? Enjoy every moment, because one day you will look back and wonder, at what exactly it was, that you were complaining about.

You can change your life on a whim

You know the whole mid life crisis thing? Yeah, you probably won't experience that. As an unattached 30 something, you have the perfect combination of financial resources, good health and tech savvy skills , which collectively allows for the possibility of totally changing your life. You are equipped enough to make your own decisions without having to consider what anyone else wants or needs. This is rare and magical and you will miss it when its gone. So, take advantage now and do the thing that you’ve always said you would love to do. So, move to an island, maybe?

After affirming the above on a daily basis, we are convinced, that being single in 30’s can be pretty amazing!