Fashion | October 11, 2018

Raffia Jewellery

Jewellery designers this season, have been highly inspired by this soft, pliable fibre called 'Raffia' and we’re going ga ga over the results!.

This straw-like fibre,  which was initially used to weave baskets, is now the  lightweight material being used for making ridiculously adorable jewelry by top-end jewellery designers.  

The raffia fabric is paper-like in appearance and texture, yet it makes for a strong base which does not get torn easily and can be dyed in any desired colour.

Handmade has always been in high demand with fashion jewelry designers, and rafia jewelry trend just took that demand a notch higher with its strong appearance and smooth textures for the SS19 season. Here are a few of our favourites from this quintessential fashion must-have

Let others follow what you have with this off-white resort raffia pouch

Acquaint your neck to this ravishing raffia beads necklace

This bracelet is handcrafted with petrified wood beads and purple-pink raffia thread

A perfect blend of brass and raffia for your ears is one of the most loved rafia jewelry designs this season

Create your own girl gang hashtag with this handmade jewelry designers personalised necklace

Necklace handcrafted with petrified wood beads and beige raffia hand woven crochet

Revamp your accessory collection with this twisted wire initial mid ring

Conjure your bohemian side with this Rolled Cluster Beaded Chain Anklet in Turquoise

Though the bag is not a jewellery, we could not resist including this piece as it makes up for a perfect weekend shopping partner.

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