Psychadelia this season

Psychadelia this season

On the fashion front, psychedelia is totally new. It’s not the mandala trip designs either (although, we wouldn’t mind) but it’s the blend and merge of random florals and prints, not to be mistaken for tie-dye. This trend goes hand in hand with the allover print look, giving birth to psychedelic print. 

There are worlds of print designs out there, and now’s the time to explore and find your own unique style via the psychedelic way. Whether you like a head to toe look or just a splash of colour, this trend is going to be a trip.

Look 1 : Bohemia Cafe

If you’ve ever travelled to Bali or visited a beach shack, the hippie crowd will usually have a particular style. It’s a blend of fabrics, with a hint of tribalism and musical inspiration.

Look 2 : Artsy

A very artistic and psychedelic look is an urban blend of a t-shirt and a wrap skirt. It’s the type of vibe you’ll get from a shopkeeper at an old vinyl record store.

Look 3 : Garden Walk

If you love florals, tropics, and vintage thrifts, this merge of print is perfect for you. It’s a hint of the 90s Phoebe, from Friends.

Look 4 : The Old lady in Apt. 25

This look is quite nostalgic, as it reminds us of urban New York with an old lady in Apt.25, a few cats and fresh flowers every morning.

Look 5 : Raver

This enchanting look captures a rave in a forest, intertwined with psychedelic ingredients and forest vibes.

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