Party Clutches Are the New Party Dresses

Party Clutches Are the New Party Dresses

Please don’t get us wrong but we do love a totebag that can fit our entire world, as much as you do. What else could fit our seldom used make up bags, half eaten protein bars, scrunchies and “emergency” heels for that last minute invite. But sometimes leaving behind those so-called essentials is just what you need. To be honest all we really need is a lipglossour phone and a creditcard.

That’s where out itty-bitty clutches come in handy. With the holiday season around, carrying an oversized tote is too much to handle. So no better time than now to toss your totes and go for something chic. So ladies grab your essentials, because these party clutches aren’t gonna fit much anyway. Before you drag oversized bag to yet another party, take a look at these 20 clutches.

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RichardcoOth March 30,2020 

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