Poptrends | March 01, 2019

Paris FW19 - Everything you need to know

Paris celebrated the female form and self-expression, much like how Milan Fashion Week did. Here’s a breakdown of what we think statement pieces from the PFW show meant.

1. Broad shoulders

Feminism is powerful, representing the powerful shoulder pad. Ideal for the workplace, broad shoulders always meant confidence and resilience. Overly emphasized shoulders always take us by surprise. Balmain knows all about women empowerment, and who better to rock the look than Olivier Rousteing!

2. Tie Dye

The age old colour mixing we all used to do as kids has come back this year, but in a more refreshing way. Tie dye looks effortless, artsy, and almost wittingly intelligent. Tie-dye has always been something we can all relate with, it brings back the cool retro vibes of happier times during the 60s. The revamped tie-dye effect is even more chill this season with gradients of colour seamlessly blended together, as if by accident. The result: a total free-spirit.

3. Rebel Gypsy

When we think of the gypsy look, we think of peace, love and happiness, and rightfully so, since we are moving into an age of equality and peace. The rebel look signifies self-defense. Since we’re in an age of empowerment and expressionism, being a rebel is almost essential. The rebel gypsy is a beautiful and remarkable blend of two looks we never saw coming. It’s very Burning Man with a hint of urban grunge.

4. Feathers

Feathers are huge this season, perhaps because we need to reconnect with natural elements such as textures and our primal nature. The idea behind feathers this season is to emphasize on textures and dangling trimmings. It ties in well with the boho/gypsy look as well.

5. Cycling shorts

Athleisure is taking shifts this season. Cycling shorts not only show off your athletic nature, but can show off your toned legs.

6. Warrior woman

Because obviously, women are governing cultural affairs at the moment.

7. Fishnets

We’re loving fishnets because of its retro vibes.

8. Beachwear

Crochet/Lace/Soft Boho/Beachwear - these tie in well with soft summer wear and the idea of relaxation.

9. Dominatrix

We’re loving this trend since it ties in well with the badass we all have within us.

10. Super girlie dresses

The complete opposite of the Dominatrix, the super girlie look resonates well with feminism and immaturity.

Paris Fashion Week showed us this season is a little bit of everything we love! Cuts, styles and fabrics have updated to silhouettes a little more contemporary, but many of the looks we’ve seen are styles we all have had in our closet at one point. Paris showed us remodeled looks will always be in fashion.

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