Cafe | April 25, 2019

Overcoming the fear of falling behind

“Atychiphobia” means "Fear of failure; fear not being good enough". We all have experienced some form of failure in our life, which is inevitable. But some people have had the fear of failure stuck to them. where does it come from?

Often we compare ourselves to others, with what society believes as an ideal individual. Through that way, we end up underestimating ourselves and our capabilities, thus leading us into the fear of falling behind.

They can lead to self-defeating behaviours and can hurt our self-esteem. But the competitive nature of our world makes us do this every time. So, what to do when such thoughts strike you?

Firstly, look at the positive side of the path you are walking on in your life and focus on it. Ignore negativity and always know that your life path is different from the rest. You must always know and celebrate what you love about your personality, for it is your qualities that contribute to your life experience. It is very easy to confuse what you want from life with others’ expectations. As a rule of thumb, You have to learn to be happy with yourself.

Life is a constant learning process and creating a life that is a reflection of what you want is exactly what you ought to do. That doesn’t mean that you disrespect other’s life path. You have to learn to differentiate and celebrate all of it.

We often second-guess our abilities, but it is this very adversity, that is required in order to succeed. Successful people are not born inherently talented; they work towards it and work hard. Award-winning author J.K. Rowling embraces failure: “It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all–in which case, you fail by default.”

What’s needed is a smart, self-friendly way to handle failed situations and instead of letting them hurt you, learn from them and let them go. You’re not a failure just because of a simple setback. It doesn’t mean you are going to fail every time. Processing the situation and more importantly, accepting it, is the most crucial step.