NYFW: The Most Wearable Trends

NYFW: The Most Wearable Trends

Unlike runway shows in Paris, where artful designs are presented in 19th century libraries, New York Fashion Week is much more accessible and down-to-earth. Designers like Tory Burch and Sandy Liang showcased ready-to-wear looks that we can actually reinvent within the limits of our own wardrobes. In New York, we're accustomed to spotting everything from corsets to dresses that, with the right coaching, can be worn on a Monday afternoon to friday night. The trends that came down runways in New York this week weren't just aspirational, they were attainable. Read on for the six runway trends we will be wearing come September.

Trend # 1 Resting On Vesting

We love the recent influx of sleeveless suiting on the runways of New York Fashion Week. From Oversized silhouettes to tailored styles, workwear is getting one hell of a makeover next season.

Trend # 2 Peter Pan Collars

From extra large neck wings and eyelet detailing.  If collar isn’t the focal point of your outfit, you aren’t doing it right.

Trend#3 Tote is back

Past few seasons we have carried a bag that fits nothing but a tube of chapstick. Thankfully the designers have come up with a stylish solution.

Trend#4 Bandanarama

An accessory for your hair, your neck, your waist and more.

Trend#5 Welcome to the Matrix

Whether you fancy full-on Neo vibes or a subtle leather look, we're no doubt entering into the Matrix with these spy-like pieces.

Trend#6 Bubbling Over

Is it just us, or are these bubble sleeves about ready to pop?

Trend#7 Elevated Footwear

If walking in heels isn't your forté, beware of this season's biggest shoe trend.

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