Not Your Average Jeans: Slouchy Jeans

Top With Jeans

Well I know it’s ridiculous to compare a pair of jeans to your SO (Read:Bae) but if you ever found your boyfriend-jean soulmate that fits your body, your style and your vibe, you know you have found a keeper. Finding a well-fitted pair of slouchy jeans can be as dreary as finding a match IRL- you have try a few to find the right one. 

Whether you have found the love of your life or still looking, now is the right time to end the boyfriend-jean search because the racks have plethora of options. Whether you want to slip into a pair of laidbacks or something very polished for office, your pair is out there!

Check out some standout picks below!

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RichardcoOth March 30,2020 

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