Nomadic Explorer

Nomadic Explorer

The nomadic look this year is not the hippie look. This year, it’s about post-apocalyptic fashion, minimalist and functional. There are western inspirations and leather skirts, very clean cuts and breezy fabric for versatility. The look captures large portions of fabric draped into gowns, ideal for warmth and protection.

Nomads are explorers who belong to a community of a modern-day tribe, almost like hunters and gatherers, but of the future. Most colours are monochrome, with versatile oversized pockets and shoulder bags. It’s not quite hipster or boho, it’s the nomadic minimal life.

Look 1: Marrakech

This Moroccan look is very nomadic, desert life. Try tribal printed shawls to get the look.

Look 2: Post-apocalyptic

This look is a vision of what humans might wear after the earth is reborn. It’s inspired by the after-effects of the concrete jungle.

Look 3: The desert life

In the sands of time, this desert look is peaceful and soft.

Look 4: Mountain life

For cold climates, woven and knitted tribal scarves and ensembles look befitting.

Look 5: Abu Dhabi

The desert plays a huge role in this look, it’s versatile and minimal for a simple life.

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