Beauty | May 06, 2018

No Filter Beauty

 It was all about the eyes this year, with random smears and smudges of color around the cheekbones. MAC Cosmetics mentioned the graphic eye for the fall collection with amber colors expressing Thar’s desert valley. The collection portrayed a sense of freedom for what we believe in. Not to mention, there’s a spike in yellow and pinks on the runway, with lashes! All very "anti-autumn."

We’re seeing new twists to gloss and sheen. Skin is glistened, and gloss isn’t just transparent, like in 2017; it now has a tint of color dispersed on the cheeks, with high pigment gloss on eyes and lips too. Say bye-bye to matte, flat blahs.

Conservative Geometric Print Eyeliners: We’ve seen lots of 90-degree angles with the liner trends on the runways. Designers like Chanel and Giambattista Valli showing us the power of a single stroke. Who knew a line could mean everything? The geometrical designs show that the look is organized, soo 2018.

Murky lips: designers like La Perla and Jill Stuart tested oxblood colors, some glossy, some smudged and stained. We caught a glimpse of smeared bright lipstick on the runway, like designers Gypsy Sport and Au Jour Le Jour. 2018 is about breaking out of the shell of the persona of precision.

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