New Neon

New Neon

Fluo, aka, neon, is back again this season. The colours used this season aren’t as shocking as you think. Neon is blended with pastel hues, resulting in layers of transparency. There are textures and fabric play, for example, a neon jacquard jacket. 

We’re seeing muted prints paired with neon staple pieces like a blazer or a flared skirt. It’s very sport (as neons were meant to be), but what we love is the tech behind each look. With high-performance outdoor gear, neon blends right at home. 

Another great mix is the play on print with neon: artistic designs almost coloured in with neon paint. Black supports the colour combo, as it draws the eye in for a treat. Jeremy Scott’s SS20 is the new neon we’re after. If you’ve seen The Mask, you’ll understand where Scott’s neon came from.

Look 1: Scott’s Chick

This look is from Jeremy Scott’s SS20 woman. She’s a bit anime, a bit eccentric, definitely a bit crazy.

Look 2: Nude and Neon

Junya Watanabe’s collection of nude and neon is a new take on colour (or lack thereof) we’ve never seen before. It’s a very summertime sand.

Look 3: Kaleidoscopic neons

Another very psychedelic way to wear neon is by layering iridescent and neon colours to create an entirely new kaleidoscope of transparent colours and emotions.

Look 4: Versace Pink

Monochrome has and will continue to be a huge hit this season and the next, so naturally, a neon allover look was necessary.

Look 5: Work and play

This look inspired by Angel Chen is the right blend of whites, creams, and pastel neons. It’s an interesting mix of the future of workplace comfort and exercise.

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