Poptrends | May 27, 2019

“Mom jeans” are back

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One of the coolest denim trends, ‘Mom jeans’, are back this summer season. They are an effortless fashion must-have as they can be worn between brunches with a basic tee and semi-casual office attire with formal shirts to the office. You can wear them as party wear with shimmery tops. This ’90s trend is truly versatile and has ‘Throwback’ written all over it. Let’s take a look at some ways you can rock Mom jeans:

The classic blue-white combo can never go out of fashion.

A pair of deep blue jeans go well with a pastel top.

Opt for smart casuals for a Friday office.

Denim-on-denim is in trend!

Coloured denim with animal prints? Hell yeah!

Pair these acid-washed Mom jeans with a black top.

A bright tank top with rolled-up jeans is just what you need for hot, sultry summer days.

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