Mini Dresses Are the New Midi

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In the recent years, shoppers have rediscovered maxis, midis, and somewhere-in-between dresses -an upshot of a few different forces (meaning sudden interest in modest dressing), the reappearance of everything oversized, the Great Prairie Trend of 2018, the one that pushed beloved minis to the back of the proverbial closet. 

As summer is here in full swing it’s time to shorten the hemlines once again (out of necessity). This time around, brands are bringing into mini-dress territory some of our  favorite attributes -billowy sleeves, vintage-inspired prints, loose-fits

Though there’s plethora of formfitting, 90s inspired camisole dresses out there, the minis that are taking over (thanks to Instagram) are big and breezy. Think prairie, but warm-weather friendly. Ahead, we found these 27 perfect mini dresses you’d want to wear all summer long.