Cafe | April 25, 2019

Mental detox to start your day right

You would have probably heard of ‘digital detox’ or ‘water detox’, but ‘mental detox’ is a novel concept. It is basically the detox that your brain and thoughts need. A mental detox consists of limiting the thoughts that activate negative emotions and replacing them with thoughts of peace and joy.

Just like our bodies need a healthy diet, regular exercise and an occasional cleansing, our mind needs it too. Our minds can hold on to toxic thoughts, which in turn, disrupts our quality of life. Literally, there’s nothing worse than the mental tiredness that comes from having an overworked mind or a poor night’s sleep. And even when we are sleeping, our brains are still working and thinking about past and present thoughts. When this culminates into a mentally fatigued burnout, that is when you need a mental detox.

What to do when you want a mental detox?

First things first, unclutter and detox your mind. Spiritual leader Emmet Fox explained in his article, ‘The Seven Day Mental Diet’, "The way our bodies work is based upon the food we put into them. The mind is no different. . . Everything in your life today is conditioned by your habitual thinking. The way you have thought in the past has led you to where you are right now.”

Try reconnecting with nature in the morning. The brain is fond of beautiful surroundings and natural scenery. When you get up in the morning, first take a five-minute breather outside and connect with nature. Try doing meditation in the open sky. Veronica Parker, a kundalini yoga teacher and meditation coach told Elite Daily that meditation releases the inner clutter of your mind, thus "your mind can become clearer with more focus for the decisions at hand." You will get a lot of meditation apps on Google Play that will help you with this form of mind cleansing.

You should try practising gratitude. When your heart is filled with gratitude, there’s little room left for anger, fear or stress. You can start by writing about all the things you feel grateful for in your life. This would also be a great way to do a digital detox, which also positively affects the mind. Chances are that you begin the day by scrolling through Facebook or checking emails from your office.

Experts suggest once you begin a mental detox, you are bound to become a better version of yourself. Your energy levels will soar high and you will easily get rid of things that don’t matter in your life.