Fashion | June 24, 2019

Maxi Dresses Mise Your Style with these summer

There are some dresses that catch the breeze just ever so slightly. Their ruffels lift up as if they have a life of their own. There’s a cinematic feel to it that makes you wonder, am I in a movie right now? Why is nobody recording this moment? And then there are the dresses that have some major volume, they move with you as you walk - no breeze required.

A dress that moves with you (and moves you, emotionally) is indispensable for the long summer days. Flowy fabric-abundant dresses are the ultimate throw-on-and-go pieces. It’s practically a dance party, karaoke night, and garden dinner all in one dress. You’re welcome.

Click through for 10 dresses that will make you want to twirl until you're very dizzy.

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