Beauty | April 09, 2019

Makeup tools every beauty enthusiast must have

If you have been following a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube by your favourite beauty bloggers, then you must at least have a fair idea of the basic make-up brushes and tools you really need in your collection. Makeup brushes can be a bit tricky to decode as they have a wide range of sizes and shapes. And it’s not always possible to understand just by browsing on shopping sites to find out which brushes you really need to use and how.

Brushes provide a little direction of how the make-up should be used and and helps in sorting out your set. It lets the make-up blend smoothly without a lot of effort. Here are our top picks. Go ahead and grab the ones you think you really need!

Primer or a Moisturiser

Our editor's pick:

Eyeliner and Mascara

Our editors pick eyeliner


Decided which one to buy yet?

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