Fashion | September 09, 2018

Long and Lean

Long,lean, and flowiness is about capturing the length and mass of the garment this season. It’s mostly minimalism for the post-modern age woman. It’s straight and neat lines, minimal seams, and a neutral colour palette.

This has to be one of the best trends this season, only because it’s a blank canvas. There’s no extra flair, no extra fuss and it’s the best option to safely style up with statement jewelry, bags, and accessories.

Valentino this season made the long and lean look easier and more achievable by wrapping a sheer long scarf around the neck and letting it flow behind you, paired with a flare pant. All with simple straight cuts, and length.

Long and lean is often confused with revealing skinny legs, with shorter skirts, but the season begs for a newer silhouette.

So how are we pulling off the long and lean look of the season? It’s about proportions.

Keep the tops past the thigh, and longer pencil skirts to the ankles. Pair with pointed footwear for an even longer look to the legs. You can also wear long shirt dresses with straight cut pants to create a flowy look.

Try a scarf to add flowiness to the long and lean look.

A ribbed long sweater can cinch your waist

Mix and match textures to create dimension to the long and lean look.

The office-chic look combines textures to a neutral color palette

Nudes and blacks are both minimal and chic.

An all white long and lean look with an asymmetrical line can enhance your silhouette.

Palazzo pants is the ultimate accessory for the long and lean look.

Rib knit ensembles will cinch your silhouette, giving you a natural long and lean look.

Another office friendly look gives you instant height.

The seam down the leg isn’t just for tucking in fabric, but also to elongate the wide part of the leg.

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