Lingerie Trends That are Worth The Money

Lingerie Trends That are Worth The Money

Fall has arrived (well, almost) and while you might be busy gathering the coolest necessities for an ideal seasonal wardrobe, there’s one thing we think you might be skipping over. Lingerie might not be something you consider immediately but a new season is a chance to upgrade your lingerie drawer with new lingerie sets.

Shopping for lingerie is an incredible experience where you can truly connect with yourself and pick what you feel confident and fabulous in. In simple lingerie fashion, some of the trends you will see here will be new and exciting while others are simply practical. Thinking of this season, it’s clear that there’s one common thread for all the popular styles: Comfort.

 In 2019, Lingerie trends are focused on soft cups, clean fits, neutral tones and sports bras. Of course, pulsating colours haven't been compromised on.

So no better time than now to refresh your top drawer, keep scrolling down to scope some visual inspiration and shop new must-haves .

#1. Grandma Panties

With all the lingerie trends dominating this season, granny panties are our favorite. Yes, thongs, G-strings and lacey intimates have their place but there is nothing more comfortable than grandma-approved briefs. Believe us when we say they are seeing a style resurgence this year.

#2. New Neutrals

Not too long ago lingerie fell in the “black or nude” paradigm but in 2019 it’s an outdated notion. The new neutrals come in shades of brown, tan and other earthy tones that are ideal for your everyday outfits.

#3. Sporty Lingerie


Sporty lingerie has made a comeback with the athleisure trend. Sports bra can be worn outside the gym too. Its safe to say its here to say.

#4. Caged Underwear


The latest complicated trend is the caged underwear. The term coined by Victoria secret and its becoming a thing (hint: it resembles G-string with extra details ). Whether you are looking to update your wardrobe or simple inquisitive about what the heck  “cage” panties look like, we got it all for you.

#5. Size Diversity


The lingerie industry is no longer confined to a limited number of sizes and cups, thanks to a growing contingent of brands. So treat yourself to something adorable, something sweet and something down-right naughty.